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Welcome fellow marketer! This is John Harvey from Multi Stream Network System. Founder of,,,,, plus many other successful programs too lengthily to mention here. By popular demand from returning clients, I am offering my Dedicated Marketing Strategy for your MLMs, Affiliate programs, or any program where you need real people in your downline. People to signup, register and become active members in your program. I have been a leader in advertising for over 20 years and helped countless numbers of people gain success on the internet. I am a functional expert in advertising and marketing and I am offering my experience in internet marketing to you. Over the years the internet has evolved dramatically. Now more than ever you must understand every aspect of advertising in order to achieve your desired success with your programs, or you are wasting your valuable time. I have the knowledge and experience to take your programs to the place you want them to be. I have built fifteen (15) successful programs with over 22,000 members and many other successful advertising campaigns with exceptional return of clientele. I am ready to engage my marketing skills to advertise your programs allowing you to see the same positive results so many have achieved already.

The Dedicated Marketing Strategy will, "...take your programs to the place you want them to be."

What do you get with the Dedicated Marketing Strategy?

Simply put - Signups, Opt-ins, Contacts, Massive Downline! What could you do with 25, 50 or even 100 new signups monthly to your MLM, Affiliate program or autoresponder? How would it look to login to your MLM or Affiliate program back-office and see 45 new people registered with their name and email address for you to start reaching out to and entice to upgrade? That is what the Dedicated Marketing Strategy is all about - taking the dirty work out of your schedule so you can focus on what you do best, mentoring people in your downline and building income in your MLM or Affiliate program. Leave your marketing efforts to professionals. Use your skills, time and effort to nurture your team and grow your business! How would you like to login to back office at your MLM or Affiliate program in just a few short weeks and see this:

Now imagine the income potential for YOU after using my system month after month!

"...when my car needs service, I take it to a mechanic. When I want real success with my MLM, I use a professional."

See if the Dedicated Marketing Strategy is right for you

  You are a professional marketer, active in MLMs, Affiliate programs, or need to load up your downline or contact list with high-quality prospects.

  You spend hours daily advertising your programs and only achieve marginal results, or you are looking to get away from advertising all together.

  You know success with your MLM or Affiliate program depends on loading your downline with real people interested in your opportunity.

Think about this

How much is YOUR time worth? $20 per hour, $30 per hour. If your time is worth $20 per hour and you spend 2 hours per day advertising your programs, you are consuming $40 per day of your valuable time advertising. You could be spending your valuable time mentoring YOUR people and helping them achieve success. Your downline's success translates into massive $$'s for your bottom line - Help your downline succeed!

"...Spend your valuable time mentoring your people...translates into massive $$'s for your bottom line."

What happens when you use the Dedicated Marketing Strategy?

I engage myself, my team and my resources in advertising your unique affiliate URL using all the tools and people at my disposal to get sign ups to your programs. Networking, Social Media, Pay Per View, Pay Per Click, Interstitial Ads, Email PPC Ads, Targeted Traffic and much, much more. Success is not measured by the number of clicks you get to your tracking URL. Success is measured by the number of people that signup to your program. In fact, I can't use your tracking URL because where I advertise third-party tracking URL's are not permitted. You'll need to be watching your downline grow at your MLM or Affiliate program. NOT, your tracking URL stats.

With all the resources I've gathered over the years, I will advertise your program HARD for the entire month. Non-stop daily advertising! Once you see the results, I will continue growing your business as long as you want fresh people in your downline.

" your downline grow and your bank account flourish. Become a leader in your MLM program!"

Pad your pockets with the Dedicated Marketing Strategy

Use my program once and watch how your downline grow. Imagine having 100 people or more in your downline in the next 2-3 months. Then, sending those downline here where they continue to build their downline, which puts more money in your pocket. Cha-Ching!!

What do I need from you to get started?

Your program should be "free to join" and I'll need your exact affiliate link. 98% of MLM/Affiliate programs provide you with text ads, banners and email ad copies - Send them to me - My team will use them to advertise your program. If you don't have marketing tools, that's okay too. I will create more than enough marketing tools to use with your campaigns. After that, sit back and watch your downline and your business flourish.

Read below for feedback received from recent clients................

“John, I'm really happy with this. Not only did I get plenty of hits to my link, I got over 22 signups in the first 20 days and 5 have already upgraded. I'm placing my order for another month!" Janis J.
(Affiliate Program)

“Hey John, I wanna say that you are doing a fantastic job, I am very pleased with the service.”  Josh Jeffery

“Delivered as promised. Much appreciated!” – I'll go ahead and do this again - I'll send you a fresh link." JD
(Affiliate Marketing Program)

“Hello John, First I want to thank you for the working on promoting my link. I have 5 signups the first week, 15 more followed. I will be ordering again next month!” Cash Connection

“Delivery was right on time. I have more people in downline than I've ever had! Thanks man” MLM Man

“John, thank you for your professionalism and work! “thanks. just as good as before. I’ll order again.” Joyce
(Affiliate Program)

“Thank you so much. I’ve received 398 hits by my affiliate counter and 24 people signed up, Nice!” Sandra L.
(Affiliate Program)

“Order delivered as promised…thanks!!” Gregory Paul
(Money Making Site)

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